In her new role, Anna Artamonova will be in charge of Group’s ecosystem strategy, launching and developing new products within the general system, and building links between the company’s various products. Group’s goal is to create a continuous environment for solving any day-to-day tasks, enabling the user to also discover many new convenient services. As Vice President of Ecosystem Products, Anna will be managing the development and growth of products into elements of one ecosystem: VK Connect single profile system, Marusia voice assistant, VK Mini Apps platform, Combo loyalty program, and many others. Anna will help integrate these services with one another as an interconnected network.

“We want to make the transition from one service to another simple and seamless for the users as they navigate the system for whatever they need. This is why we link our projects together through technology and various solutions. I am confident that Anna’s experience and energy will definitely be a strong addition in this respect, helping our ecosystem evolve rapidly”, said Group CEO Boris Dobrodeev.

The Group ecosystem currently comprises social networks VK and OK, portal and email service, Youla classifieds service, video games brand MY.GAMES, foodtech companies Delivery Club and Samokat, taxi aggregator Citymobil and carsharing service YouDrive, online education platforms GeekBrains and Skillbox, and other products.

Anna Artamonova has been with Group since 2003. She became VP in 2010, in charge of Email, Portal, Instant Messengers and Search business units. Anna will continue overseeing these services while gradually withdrawing from operational management.

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