Mail.Ru Group has revealed Tarantool IIoT, a distributed platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. The new product will allow gathering data from millions of sensors installed at industrial sites, on means of transport, in agricultural fields - and send it to data centers for online analytical processing (OLAP).

In Tarantool IIoT, data is transmitted via a replication mechanism provided by the Tarantool DBMS, which ensures safe data delivery even in complicated cases - for example, when unreliable channels are used and data is sent and received by the cheapest local minicomputers acting as IIoT hubs.

Unlike most of industrial-level DBMSs, which place high demands on disk space, disk and memory performance and number of CPU cores and which work slowly, Tarantool IIoT can be installed even on moderately priced ($30-50) minicomputers, where it demonstrates high processing speed of around 10,000-50,000 transactions per second. Moreover, the platform can gather data from millions of sensors and supports popular protocols for working with them.

Mail.Ru Group’s product can be used in multiple areas. For example, factories can gather data with Tarantool IIoT and analyze it for insights into the state of equipment, predict breakdowns and minimize idle time, thus saving millions in potential loss. Agricultural organizations can use Tarantool IIoT to identify problems with plants and take timely action. The platform can even be shipped to large retail chains that can take advantage of eye-tracking technologies and, based on data from motion sensors, analyze eye movement patterns of their customers. This helps optimize the arrangement of goods and the space between shelves.

“Tarantool IIoT expands the IT landscape beyond data centers to include industrial sites. Our DBMS allows easily gathering data and delivering it to OLAP systems, even if sources of this data are located on the premises and do not support most commonplace Internet protocols,” says Dennis Anikin, Engineering Director of Email & Cloud Services at Mail.Ru Group. “Once a company buys a proprietary solution, it effectively gets enslaved by the vendor: it cannot be replaced, you have to pay for each update and making custom changes to the solution is difficult and costly. We firmly believe that our platform will be a worthy competitor to such “closed” solutions thanks to its flexibility and cost reduction opportunities that it offers. Since Tarantool IIoT is a fully-programmable and distributed platform based on an open-source solution, it is easy to customize it to meet business needs, which, in its turn, allows cutting production costs.”

Tarantool DBMS is developed by Mail.Ru Group and has been used in-house for almost nine years. It combines high processing speed typical of caching solutions (like Memcached or Redis) with the reliability of such industrial-level systems as Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is open-source software distributed under the BSD license. Internal benchmarks run by Mail.Ru Group show that Tarantool is capable of processing one million transactions per second on the cheapest single-core commodity server. According to Mail.Ru Group’s internal report, one server running Tarantool can substitute 30 servers running a regular DBMS. Tarantool boasts a number of successful implementations by some of the largest Russian and international companies including VimpelCom, Yota, Badoo, Avito, QIWI and Wallarm.

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