December 6th marked a 10-year anniversary of the VK educational initiative. Our journey started with the launch of the Technopark educational project with Bauman Moscow State University (BMSTU), providing education and practice for future IT specialists. While today the group is involved in educational projects across all levels and ages, starting from schools and finishing with professional education.

Below are some of the highlights of the past 10 years of our educational journey and related free-of-charge initiatives:

  • VK’s educational centers are now present across 13 leading universities of Russia
  • >20,000 students have participated in projects done by our educational centers to date, with >750 of them having joined our company since
  • >45,000 academic hours were spent by students at VK-lead lectures and seminars as well as while completing VK-manages educational tasks
  • 625 of employees of VK have already served as teachers and lecturers across our educational projects
  • >1,700 events were hosted by our educational Ambassadors
  • Local schoolchildren have completed our online training program >7mn times as part of the Digital Lesson initiative
  • During the last five years we hosted IT Knowledge Day, an annual professional orientation day, with >9.7mn views from school students of the online streams
  • >2.3mn students and teachers from 50 Russian regions and 25,900 schools and educational communities have registered year-to-date on Sferum, free-of-charge platform for communication and hybrid learning developed together with Rostelecom


One of our major aspirations is to improve the accessibility of education in Russia, with development of education, including through provision of digital and hybrid options throughout the entire educational journey, being one of the key goals of our sustainability agenda.

We believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever, making people adapt to new types of learning, from school lessons to professional studies. Through our growing number of digital education projects we offer an increasing range of learning solutions, including online school classes for children, digital tools for teachers, digital academic degrees, and access to online professional education for adults. No matter where you live or your learning pace, we want education to be just a few clicks away.

Our multiple educational projects will not only provide us with new talent as a company, which is important for our competitiveness and sustainability, but serves a broader goal of improving the educational landscape across the markets we operate in and we aim to continue to actively develop in this area going forward. One of our near-term goals is for ~10mn students to complete our various educational programs by the end of 2023 (included paid courses).

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