Numbers speak for themselves

  • >90%

    Of the Russian internet audience

  • >10,000


  • 200+


  • Products and services

    VK projects enable users to communicate, play, listen to music, watch and create videos, receive professional training and master new skills, and stay abreast of the latest developments.

  • The platform

    Users can sign in to different services with a single VK ID account, pay with the VK Pay platform, access their favorite services via the VK Mini Apps platform — and the Marusya voice assistant can help with any task.

  • For business

    VK provides a range of solutions for digitizing business processes, from online promotion to cloud services.

  • VK

    >100 m

    the monthly audience

    15 bn

    messages a day

    10 bn

    posts viewed per day

  • OK

    100 m

    likes and comments a day

    580 k

    active communities a month

    21 m

    users watch videos from the Hobbies service

  • Dzen

    70 m

    monthly audience of the feed

    100+ k

    weekly active creators


    growth of the published content

  • Email


    51 m active Email users in Russia alone

  • RuStore

    >8 m

    app store users

  • VK Clips

    >1 bn

    views a day

  • VK Music

    >46 m

    monthly users

  • VK Video

    >2 bn

    views a day

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A brief overview of our milestones

  • 1998

    The launch of email and portal

  • 2007

    Expansion into social media

  • 2008

    Expansion into the gaming market

  • 2015

    Expansion into the O2O and e-commerce markets

  • 2021

    Development of an ecosystem and expansion into new segments

  • 2022

    Emphasis on content and media services

Ecosystem VK
RUB 97.8 bn in 2022
Online advertising sales
main revenue growth driver in 2022
in 2022