Technologies that bring people together and drive social development

VK applies its technology and expertise to drive the development of social projects in Russia.

We have already managed to do a lot thanks to users, companies and charities, and we regularly report on what has happened over the year in ESG and and social project development reports.

Building a framework to implement social projects

We make charity an easy and enjoyable thing to do, offering convenient ways to make your contribution.

  • Dobro

    Over 200 trusted partner foundations helping children, adults, seniors, animals and the environment


    A service that helps find a charity for solving a particular problem

Helping to help

We offer special terms to trusted charitable foundations that want to use services available within the VK ecosystem, while CharityTask, our intellectual volunteering program, provides the brainpower to address the funds’ various needs with help from our employees.

Making our projects accessible to everyone

We take into account the needs of all groups of people to make projects within the VK ecosystem as useful and friendly as possible. Be it people with special needs or just young moms and dads with their hands always full with something, we have features to make their lives easier.

Providing top IT training

We help everyone dreaming of a career in a certain IT field acquire the skills to develop technologies for the society, and plan to train 10 million people by 2023. VK has launched educational projects for school and university students and professionals so that everyone can up their game with us.

Keeping data of our
users protected

We prioritize user data protection and constantly seek to improve our data protection system by engaging top-notch cyber security experts. We have in place a comprehensive global vulnerability scanner. The data processing is fully governed by the data use policy. On top of that, we launched a special project describing what we do to protect data and what measures can users take to counter potential threats.

Caring about
the environment

We do our best to ensure our projects are eco-friendly. To this end, our data centers feature special cooling equipment that saves electrical energy. We keep rolling out this technology to take the best advantage of it. Additionally, Dobro features a section with various environmental projects.

Helping businesses be socially responsible

We help companies come up with and bring into life social initiatives of any scale ranging from a charitable project to a CSR strategy. We can develop a support project, social marketing program or a research on a pressing social issue and help you select a trusted charitable foundation.