Our approach

VK helps people and companies come together when it is truly important.

VK strategic goal is to create services that make people's lives more comfortable, convenient, safer and help society, business and the state in digital transformation. We pay special attention to information security, personal data protection and the quality of our services. We are also actively developing online education to provide maximum opportunities to all our users. In doing so, we strive to minimize our environmental impact.

Social Responsibility

People are our main asset. One of the most important areas of our ESG strategy is attracting, retaining and developing talented specialists. We build a comfortable, inclusive and fair work environment. We also care about diversity in the team: one of the key points for VK is the growth in the proportion of women in the company and in the IT industry as a whole.

College or university students can already become a part of the VK team while finishing their studies – we work in close cooperation with Russia’s leading universities. We also help school kids discover the world of IT through our annual project Data Lesson, or our career presentation event IT Knowledge Day.

We have been launching social projects to increase awareness about the society’s important problems. We initiated public discussions of issues like online bullying, perinatal death and many others, and we will continue on with other topics.

Proportion of women among top managers
188 million
Total amount of funds donated by VK and VK users to charity (+30% year-on-year, RUB)
130 million
Views as part of the «Anti-Cyberbullying Day» campaign
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We develop our technologies while incorporating ecology concerns. We began building our new Data Center in 2021.

Every year, VK projects participate in the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) environmental action «Earth Hour». The company supports the «Delfa» Dolphin Rescue Center, and there is a special section on Dobro with projects to help nature. for ecology projects.

  • 1,04

    Average annual PUE of an M-100 data center using a liquid cooling system

  • >3 000

    VK employees used HR electronic document management three months after launch

  • 61%

    Annual increase in donations for environmental projects on Dobro Mail.ru

Corporate Governance

An important part of our ESG strategy is ensuring high quality of our corporate governance. We have the Trust Service — anonymous hotline for employees to have a safe channel to report potential unethical or illegal activities by VK or its staff.

We strive to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity and protect our users’ data. This is why we launched the VK Protect program, uniting all of our technical solutions within the VK ecosystem and providing people the tools to manage their privacy and data protection settings.

Share of women in the Board of Directors
Average reaction time of the VKontakte moderator tea
Reports of significant ethical violations

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