VK held a number of environmental activities during VK Fest 2022 in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

More than 50 volunteers, together with cleaning services representatives, collected 35,000 kg of mixed waste, which fit into 70 GAZ-3302 cars, and 230 kg of recyclable materials, in particular, aluminum cans and PET bottles.

5,000 kg of waste was collected for reuse, including banners, linoleum, carpet, wooden bars, decorative pillows, cardboard, film, plastic etc. These were handed over to the shelter for homeless animals "Home" and the parish church, which helps people with addictions, as well as the disabled and the elderly who have suffered a stroke. We also sent 350 kg of waste paper for recycling.

VK attracted the "Razdelny Sbor" (Separate Collection) movement to organize separate waste collection. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, at the areas and near the entrance to VK Fest, we have placed containers for three fractions: bottles, aluminum cans and glass. In addition, we used colored bags for recyclables, which helped to distinguish it from mixed waste.

On the territory of Gorky Park in Moscow we placed fountains with drinking water, which significantly reduced the necessity to buy drinking water in plastic bottles.

At the festival in St. Petersburg, there was a ban on the distribution of printed advertising such as booklets and flyers, and the rules for participation of food outlets strictly prescribed the material and composition of dishes. Polypropylene, one of the safest and most recyclable materials, was chosen as the main material.

According to tradition, VK also refused to utilize air balloons, which are made of non-recyclable and long-decomposing materials.

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