Since 2013, VK has been creating technologies for the development of charitable activity in Russia through the Dobro project. The mission of the project is to unite people, companies and trusted charities to solve various social problems.

On September 14, Dobro turned 9 years old. Over this time:

  • one and a half million good deeds were done
  • more than half a billion rubles were raised to help. The Money service compensates payment processing commission, so each ruble is transferred to the fund without extraction of any  fees and commissions
  • almost 4 million rubles have been transferred to help directly by VK employees over the past 12 months, and in total, with almost 26 million rubles collected in total just in the first half of 2022
  • more than one and a half thousand VK employees helped on Dobro at least once, and in total almost one and a half million donations were made on the Dobro platform

Every 2 minutes someone helps using Dobro, whether it is children, adults, the elderly, animals or nature.

Since 2016, most social and charitable VK projects have been systemic and since 2019, they have been implemented as part of the group's overall ESG strategy.

In this blog, to celebrate Dobro's birthday, we decided to share details about what kind of projects the project is involved in.

Helps people:

  • Anti-Cyberbullying Day is a key social initiative of VK, established in 2019. Since then, every year November 11 unites all those who are against aggression in digital space
  • We do not only develop the concept of charity in Russia. Often, in order to help people, one needs to identify the problem and help people start to openly discuss it. This created the #needtotalk awareness campaign project where we have already discussed perinatal losses, breast cancer and the importance of health checks. Each of these campaigns received more than just coverage - it received a large amount of feedback from people whose lives the project has changed for the better
  • Dobro is engaged in educational activities and conducts regular research. For example, on the topics of inclusion and gender diversity. Every year, VK supports information campaigns dedicated to the International Down Syndrome Day and World Autism Awareness Day
  • VK’s New Year ecosystem Campaign "Doing good better together" held in 2021 was launched to support systemic philanthropy. As a result of the campaign, VK transferred 32 million rubles to 22 charitable foundations
  • VK employees also regularly contact the team and receive support, including information on where to turn for help, advice, and support
  • In 2021, the Charity Task intellectual volunteering project was launched in VK, in which more than 80 employees are already participating

Helps nature and animals:

  • In 2020, Dobro started a new initiative centered around helping the nature. Now users can contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, cleaning of the lake Baikal, saving dolphins, stimulating the separate collection of waste by transferring one off donations or making regular monthly auto payments to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia), the «Great Baikal Trail», «Greenpeace», «Tigrus», «Delpha», «Beautiful children in a beautiful world», «No.More.Garbage», «Geography of kindness» and other NGOs. In 2021, the number of donations increased by 61% having exceeded 3 million rubles, which indicates a growing interest in supporting environmental projects
  • Every year, Dobro studies the attitude of Russians to environmental problems and explores eco-habits, attitudes towards separate waste collection and willingness to help environmental projects financially or by doing good deeds

Develops technologies for charity:

  • VK invests in own technologies and shares its expertise in development of mass Internet services to support non-commercial projects in Russia, by sharing these technologies and knowledge free-of-charge. For example, we have a project «Cloud for charitable foundations» from VK Cloud Solutions. NGOs can get free cloud infrastructure and free GB for work. Various VK projects regularly hold grant competitions and provide advertising opportunities for foundations
  • There are about 9,000 charitable foundations and non-profit organizations in Russia. To check such counterparties and support honest help, from the very beginning, Dobro launched a 4-stage verification of charities with the understanding that supporting charitable foundations is an opportunity to save not one, but hundreds of people, increase expertise, study the problem in depth, and ultimately change the situation globally. It is not easy for any given foundation to get onto the Dobro platform, but each of our 240 NGOs can be trusted
  • In 2020, Code of Kindness was launched, a foundation for foundations that helps the development of philanthropy in Russia. The Foundation helps to grow charitable organizations that have passed the Dobro screening. In 2021, the fund raised 96 million rubles for NGOs

More information about Dobro and other projects and initiatives of VK in the field of sustainable development can be found on our corporate website.


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