media projects — News, Hi-Tech, Auto, and others begin integration with the Pulse recommendation platform. Director of recommendation systems at Group Sergey Shalaev will be overseeing the combined services.

The united media projects and the Pulse system will combine the capabilities of a recommendation platform with many years of editorial experience. The expected audience of the united content platform will reach 87 million people per month.

After the merger, the recommendation system’s team will focus on personalizing the main page of The updated home page will be available to users as early as next year. All blocks and categories will be formed individually based on the content from the combined platforms using the Pulse system. Thus, users will have access to a variety of personalized content in the VK ecosystem.

The media projects’ teams will continue to create original content and special projects and will also act as experts, helping verify the accuracy of bloggers’ posts on Pulse.

“We want everyone who uses our services via the homepage or the super-app to have a completely personalized experience and find interesting content that suits their interests. Merging Pulse and media projects will allow us to make the main page of more convenient for users and improve the quality of the platform’s content. As for authors, publishers, and brands who come to Pulse or media projects — we can help them find more engaged readers,” Director of recommendation systems at Group Sergey Shalaev commented.

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