VK Business and Mail.ru Group have presented a single e-commerce platform Multimarket. It enables online store owners to simultaneously manage listings and orders from VK, Odnoklassniki, AliExpress, and Youla. This way, entrepreneurs gain access to the total audience of these platforms —170 million users per month (audiences can overlap). They also spend less time on routine tasks, and can focus on sales growth. Meanwhile, for customers everything stays the same: they can make purchases or contact seller via the platform where they found a store — for example, AliExpress.

In order to set up sales through Multimarket, store owners need to register with the multimarket.pro service, select platforms and follow the instructions to add products. Sellers can choose to use a VK community, an Odnoklassniki group, an AliExpress store, or a Youla profile. At the beginning, in order to sell on AliExpress and Youla, entrepreneurs will need to create a new Multimarket profile. The option to link existing profiles to the platform will be available in the near future.

Multimarket gives the opportunity to work with all orders in a single window: view the full list, change their status. It is also convenient to manage goods: the platform adjusts descriptions to the requirements of various platforms, and also recalculates stock after sales on any of them. The service also allows bulk editing of products: a seller can set a reduced price for dozens of items with a couple of clicks, or remove them from display. Statistics will help assess the efficiency of placement for each website. Sellers can communicate with buyers from VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Youla via Multimarket — this option will soon become available for AliExpress stores as well.

Multimarket will become part of the VK ecosystem. Thanks to seamless access to various ecosystem services, several people can manage a store in Multimarket without additional registration, provided that they have VK Connect accounts. Administrators can be assigned and removed at any time. Entrepreneurs will also have their own support service.

In the future, it will be possible to manage promotions on all four platforms from a single Multimarket advertising account, to set up advertising both manually or using an automated system which will auto select relevant bids depending on goals and target audience. All this will save entrepreneurs’ time: they will no longer have to fiddle with settings and calculate budgets for each platform individually. Advertising campaigns on VK can already be launched, stopped, and edited on Multimarket.

The developers also plan to increase the number of platforms and add new functions to the service: for example, it will be possible to manage delivery of goods and payment on Multimarket.

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