2020 showed the whole video game industry what it means to stand your ground as a team, as a whole – it is key when it comes to achieving fantastic results. Over the past year, the big MY.GAMES team added millions of new players, hundreds of new employees, and dozens of points in global ratings. And we have all of you to thank for this: our heroes answering the call of duty and adventure, our studios that design amazing new worlds, and our partners who help us create!

Here are some of the highlights of the past year:

  • We reached 138 million new registered users (to a total of 790 million)

  • Added Deus Craft’s team to make our family stronger

  • Launched three mobile games: Rush Royale, Storyngton Hall, and Grand Hotel Mania

  • Continued our conquest on the Nintendo Switch with the launch of Skyforge

  • Celebrated Warface: GO winning Best of 2020: User’s Choice, a coveted nomination on Google Play

  • Grand Hotel Mania has been selected for the #GooglePlayBestOf Users’ Choice Award in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and India

  • Experimented by porting six mobile hit games to PC: Left to Survive, World Above, War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Guild of Heroes

  • Continued expanding our audience: War Robots was installed 41 mln times in 2020 (to a total of 191 mln installs), Hustle Castle – 15 mln times (70 mln total), Warface games – 30 mln times (114 mln total)

  • Inked 12 investment deals over the year (bringing the total to 40 deals)

Our investment unit made the global Top-10 list of investment funds focusing on the video games market in 2020, while the MY.GAMES brand became a Top-5 EMEA game publisher in terms of total revenue for the year.

We launched MY.GAMES Cloud in beta – our own cloud gaming service. Our players have shown very positive feedback, as we are currently at 100,000 MAU!

MGVC and Google launched Game Drive, a business acceleration program to help promising developers scale their projects, develop them and launch them globally.

This past year brought many changes to our lives as well as the lives of our players. This is why we have been monitoring gamer preferences as well as supporting initiatives related to healthcare and communication. We conducted an international survey in partnership with Fair Play Alliance and IGDA on mental health, polling some 21,000 online gamers. MY.GAMES also supported Mail.ru Group’s annual Anti-cyberbullying Day and organized a series of surveys on how gamers’ lives were affected by the pandemic.

We also continued developing our networking platform for gaming industry experts, The Big Deal. The platform added the new TBD PRO format of professional online summits, and held TBD PRO: UI/UX and TBD PRO: Game Design for our staff and that of affiliated studios. And this is just the beginning! We are planning to hold several more events in this format this year.

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