On June 29, 2021, Mail.ru Group presented a new smart speaker Mini Capsule with a built-in display. Thanks to the on-board voice assistant Marusia, the new model can make calls through VK social network, turn on music, control smart home devices, educate or entertain children, and much more. Sales of the Mini Capsule will start on June 29, it will be available for 5,490 rubles.

The Mini Capsule weighs only 305 grams including the power supply, it is small in size — 4.5 cm tall and 10 cm wide. In addition, it now has a digital LED display that adapts to ambient lighting and can display time, weather, timer, and other data. The speaker comes to life using animation that children will love. Its 5W sound power is one of the biggest on the market for a compact voice-activated speaker.

The new smart speaker from Mail.ru Group has the built-in Marusia voice assistant that will help users solve everyday tasks within the VK ecosystem. You can ask Marusia to write a message or call a friend from VK, order food, read a recipe for a dish, edit a shopping list, turn on an audiobook or a podcast, an interactive AR fairy tale or a space quest for a child, and much more. With the help of the Mini Capsule, you can also control smart home devices from more than 30 manufacturers. Marusia knows how to select music to set the mood and make recommendations in accordance with the user's musical taste, play songs from playlists of VK friends and your favorite songs from the Spotify music streaming service.

“Smart assistant Marusia is one of the central products of our VK ecosystem. It will be more convenient for people to explore the possibilities of the ecosystem with the help of voice technology. You can already try out its integration with VK: Marusia knows how to make calls, can turn on friends’ playlists, reads and writes messages. Now Marusia has a new home — the Mini Capsule, our second smart device. Thanks to this integration, users will have new options for quick access to entertainment, tools for development and solving everyday tasks within the VK ecosystem,” Vice President of Ecosystem Products Anna Artamonova said.

For the release of the new Mini Capsule, Marusia has learned to use McDelivery from McDonald's — now you can get your Big Mac, fries, or another one of your favorite foods from McDonald's with the help of the voice assistant. All you have to say is "Marusia, let's order from McDonald's", select the items you want from the menu, and complete the order. You can track the order in the Delivery Club app.

“The Mini Capsule with a clock turned out beautiful and stylish: it will fit into every home and will delight all family members. Use it in the kitchen — cook with Marusia’s tips and timer, or just order food delivery. Use it on the bedside table — look at the clock that adjusts its brightness to the ambient light, choose the alarm music to your liking. The Mini Capsule has magical AR-fairy tales for children, the station will read them together with parents. Play family quizzes and quests with the Mini Capsule. The station can also become the heart of a smart home. Name any of the tens of millions of music tracks from VK — and it will fill the whole room with beautiful sound. We have put a lot of effort into sound quality, and our speaker is a confident leader in blind tests,” Head of Voice Assistants and Smart Devices at Mail.ru Group Alexey Krivenkov commented.

All owners will receive three months of VK Combo as a gift: users will have access to VK music subscription and discounts for VK ecosystem services — food delivery, taxi, car sharing.

The station has a stylish minimalistic design and will easily fit into any interior design — Layer, leading design agency from London, has worked on the design for the device.

You can order the Mini Capsule on the official website starting from June 29. The station is available in two colors - black and gray.

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