VK announced a relaunch of its video platform, which will introduce a number of new technologies. Thanks to VK’s own adaptive video streaming technology and scalable architecture, limits on the number of people viewing the same live stream simultaneously have been removed, and users can now watch videos even with unstable internet connections or on weak devices.  

The update also improved picture quality. Now, users can watch videos and live streams in high-quality 4K resolution, which can be appreciated when streaming using Chromecast and AirPlay. This feature will appear on iOS, Android and desktop VK platforms. Chromecast technology allows users to stream videos from mobile devices to their computer or television screens. iPhone, iPad, and Mac users can watch videos from their devices on their televisions with AirPlay using an Apple TV device or a third-party device with AirPlay support. 

High-quality videos take up a lot of space, so VK added the ability to upload large files of up to 256 GB to the Video platform. This opens a wide range of possibilities for professional and semiprofessional content creators as well as for those who own ultra-high-definition digital cameras. 

The VK Video team put particular attention into adaptive video streaming technology. Now, the video player provides 7 resolution options, including Full HD and 4K. By default, the player automatically sets video quality by adapting to the characteristics of the user’s device and the speed of the internet connection in order to provide the highest possible quality for that particular viewer and ensure the best user experience while watching videos or live streams. 

Another long-awaited feature is Picture-in-Picture, which allows users to continue navigating the VK mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as other apps on their phone, without interrupting the video or live stream. Users can turn the video player into a mini window using a new button. 

Alexander Tobol, CTO of VK & the Single Video and Call Platform of Mail.ru Group:

“We see a stable increase in video content consumption among our users. Therefore, we’re making it not only more convenient to watch videos but also more accessible in any resolution on any internet network and on any device. We’ve fully relaunched our video platform, made its architecture scalable, removed limits on how many people can view live streams at one time, and changed streaming formats and video content delivery protocols. This launch is the next logical step after the major video, live stream and call technologies we presented earlier. Now we are focusing on new technologies in the field of content consumption and delivery. By the end of the year, we plan to launch several more large updates.”  

Earlier, VK announced that 4K resolution would be made available for group video calls, and users would be able to share their screens in high quality. This feature is already available on the iOS mobile app and will soon appear on all other platforms and Mail.ru Group products that use Single Video and Call platform technologies.

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