VK established the position of the ecosystem chief information security officer (CISO) covering all the projects of the company. Anton Antropov joined as VK CISO, tasked with centralizing information security across the entire company. Anton’s team is focused on boosting infrastructure security across the VK ecosystem, which includes nearly 200 projects along with the core ecosystem services such as VK ID and VK Mini Apps.

Anton Antropov brings extensive experience, having worked in the information security for more than 20 years. Prior to joining VK, he was the head of cybersecurity for Sber’s subsidiaries in charge of methodology, audits, consultations and automation relating to information security. Anton also served as CISO at Dom.ru and chief business development officer at a number of Russia's leading information security integrators.

“User data protection is among the priorities of the company’s ESG strategy. We intend to scale our information security efforts, in sync with the ongoing ecosystem development, consolidating relevant techniques and practices across VK. The end goal is to make the best information security solutions available for each of our projects. I have no doubt that an expert like Anton will make swift progress around creation of a centralized information security framework of the company,” commented Igor Yermakov, Vice President and CTO at VK.

“Bringing together the existing information security practices and teams from different projects of this major ecosystem is a truly ambitious task. It is a privilege to be in charge of such an important initiative that will ensure the security of millions of our users. The measures we are going to introduce will be focused on establishing a business-oriented approach wherein each complex issue will have a solution that either maintains or improves information security in the company,” said Anton Antropov, CISO at VK.

Information security is the top priority for VK. The company regularly hosts internal and external audits, adheres to global best practices, and enlists the help of independent researchers. Starting in 2014, VK and HackerOne have been running a bug bounty program, one of the leaders in HackerOne's ranking. ZDNet included VK’s security program in its top 10 list of public bug bounty programs of 2020.

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