MAIL.RU GROUP LIMITED (LSE and MICEX-RTS: “MAIL”) (“ Group”, “VK” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce publication of its inaugural quarterly ESG presentation as part of the ongoing effort to deepen focus on and disclosure of the various aspects of Sustainable development across the Group, all its business units as well as partner/JV assets. Presentation with highlights from Q3 2021 is available here.

Some of the key latest highlights within the Sustainability area include:

  • Our second annual ESG report was published, along with related IR blog with highlights and underlying data available in Excel
  • To be closer aligned with all our stakeholders, the Remuneration and Nomination Committee of the Board has approved the shift to a new long-term incentive program (LTI) for Executives. It is equity-based with awards in Performance Stock Units (“PSUs”) and options linked to GDRs
  • We introduced a position of the ecosystem chief information security officer (CISO) to boost infrastructure security across our entire ecosystem
  • We launched the VK Women initiative to create a safe and supportive environment for growth and development of each female employee of the Group as part of our rising efforts in the area of Diversity & Inclusion
  • To support the health of our staff we extended the remote work regime across all our offices until the end of 2021, while supporting staff vaccination in the meantime
  • VKontakte and OK started testing warnings about potentially unreliable information related to COVID-19. More broadly, VKontakte and OK plan to create public principles of work with unreliable information and a group of independent fact-checking experts
  • We continue to support internal talent with learning tools, with 2,900+ employees having completed trainings so far in 2021
  • We enhanced employee feedback via Engagement and Loyalty survey, with 1,500 comments and ideas having been put into action plan around people development and employment conditions
  • MY.GAMES hosted 2 The Big Deal events, free educational summits aimed at developing the domestic gaming community and educating young professionals
  • To combat cheating in PC games, MY.GAMES have an in-house anti-cheat solution named MRAC, with 8 related updates in Q3
  • We launched a support program for SMB’s on VK Business platform to help entrepreneurs to improve their digital skills and provide bonuses to businesses for promotion on VKontakte
  • VK acted as an author of the interactive TV series aiming to fight against cyberbullying
  • We hosted IT Knowledge Day, an annual professional orientation day, attended by 290,000+ teenagers from 6,800 schools, with 300 speakers from VK and other IT companies
  • 1.5mn+ students and teachers from 50 Russian regions and 24,700 schools and educational communities registered YTD on Sferum, free-of-charge platform for communication and hybrid learning developed by VK together with Rostelecom
  • 150 educational grants were provided by Delivery Club together with Skillbox
  • Samokat launched a free-of-charge courier insurance program across Russia
  • In September AER launched own customer support center in Nizhny Novgorod, providing employment to 400 of local staff, while also launching 300 remote support jobs

We welcome your feedback to this new ESG product and aim to continue to enhance our broader Sustainability-related focus and disclosure for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

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Tatiana Volochkovich

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Sergei Luchin

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