• VK ID will be available across all ecosystem services, and all users will have access to two-factor authentication.
  • The company opens a new Security Management Center – within the personal VK ID account.
  • An essential purpose of the VK Protect program is to educate users on how to improve data security and to provide the necessary tools.

December 22, 2021. VK is launching a new program designed to protect users and their data – VK Protect. The program will bring together all technical solutions that provide protection within the VK ecosystem, and will also assist users in managing their privacy and using tools to protect their information.

“We are working on a comprehensive system to improve user safety. Our goal is to not only provide technological protection for profiles and data using existing tools like two-factor authentication and encryption, but also educate people on how to use them properly. Since VK unites the country's main communication platforms, we are able to enhance the level of security awareness and responsible attitude towards personal data for all Russian Internet users,” VK Chief Information Security Officer Anton Antropov said.

Two-factor authentication with VK ID will be available across the entire ecosystem and beyond

As part of VK Protect, the company has expanded the use of two-factor authentication. Thanks to VK ID, the tool is now available across all VK ecosystem services that require authorization through a single account, as well as when visiting third-party partner sites and applications. The entire multi-million audience of the VK ecosystem is now enjoying improved security. Users can enable it in their VK ID personal account settings.

In February 2022, administrators of VKontakte communities with more than 10,000 subscribers will be required to use two-factor authentication. The platform now has over 140,000 such communities, and these measures should help further protect them.

On the Odnoklassniki social network, new VK ID capabilities will supplement the current social network security services after full integration.

“Single services are more secure and dependable than dozens of different accounts, each of which must be monitored independently. In their personal VK ID accounts users can manage projects associated with their accounts, terminate VK ID sessions, and change passwords if they notice suspicious activity. Two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection for everyone,” VKontakte Information Security Director Rustem Gazizov commented.

The company will launch the User Security Management Center

The Center will be available in personal VK ID accounts early next year. Users will be able to enable settings to boost account security and learn how to manage data responsibly. For example, users will be able to assess the security state of their VK ID accounts and receive specific data protection recommendations. It will also have new configurable settings for the level of privacy and access.

“Our products are based on transparency, security, and how simple it is to share information. We constantly fight against phishing and notify our users about any suspicious activities as quickly as possible. We continue improving in this respect, investing more resources and actively educating Russian Internet users,” Director of Ecosystem Products at VK Olga Frolova added.

It is also planned to revive the program for payments to security researchers (Bug Bounty) for VKontakte and VK ID as part of the VK Protect initiative: It will be extended, and the remuneration will be raised.

Information security is the company’s key priority. VK regularly conducts internal and external audits, adheres to the best global practices, and collaborates with third-party researchers. VK has been a leading participant in the researcher compensation program since 2014 together with HackerOne. VK’s security program has been recognized as a Top-10 public program in 2020 by Zdnet.

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