VK has developed and launched the beta version of RuStore, an app store for Android devices, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media. You can download RuStore on your smartphone on the store's official page rustore.ru.

At the launch of the store's beta version, users have access to more than 100 applications, including popular services from VK, Yandex, Sber, public services Gosuslugi, apps of mobile operators, marketplaces, games and much more. New apps are added to the store every day. Some developers already have access to a personal account enabling them to upload their own applications to RuStore. This option will soon be available to all developers. 24/7 support for users and developers is provided by a special VK service.

Kaspersky Lab and VK security systems are integrated into the beta version of RuStore. Kaspersky Lab solutions will help VK moderate uploaded applications, checking them for malware and other security threats. According to the project roadmap, this summer RuStore will integrate a push-notifications platform and a payment system, and will add app ratings. By the end of the year, analytical and marketing tools will also be launched.

"Creating a Russian application store is a crucial task necessitated by market conditions. We have put in a lot of work in preparing this project both in terms of legal regulation and in creating favorable conditions for the Russian IT industry leaders to work together on this venture. The initiative to create RuStore comes from business, and this is the right way to launch a high-quality and secure service that is convenient both for users and for app developers. RuStore is spearheaded by the VK team, which is partnering with other IT companies to launch the application store as a commercial project, without public funding. I'm confident that the team will succeed in creating a marketable and competitive app store by following its well-designed plan," said Maksut Shadaev, Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. 

"RuStore is a full-fledged app store that will feature all the latest and safest services for both users and developers.  VK is creating the store in partnership with the largest Russian IT companies with the support of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media. It is a shining example of effective collaboration, when the best players of the IT market come together to solve a common problem for the benefit of our users. We are now at the very beginning of our journey. We have a clear plan for RuStore's progressive development. The realization of this plan will allow us to integrate all the systems and platforms we need into the store within a set timeframe.  I am confident that RuStore will prove popular among users and developers alike - and it has everything it takes to become Russia's largest app store," said VK CEO Vladimir Kirienko.

"We welcome the creation of a Russian local app store for mobile devices. At the same time, we understand that user data and financial security require comprehensive protective measures. Before being published on RuStore, apps will be scanned by our solutions for the presence of malicious code. This is necessary to detect all kinds of cyber threats, including Trojans, unwanted adware, spyware and phishing software. For this purpose, the company uses the latest security technologies, including those based on machine learning. If necessary, the applications will also be analyzed by a so-called sandbox solution, a tool that allows behavioral analysis of files and detection of advanced threats in the process of investigation," explains Mikhail Pribochy, Kaspersky Lab Managing Director for Russia and CIS countries

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