The app is now lighter and more minimalistic, yet preserves its functionality.

The new version has been completely redesigned to support Windows 10 and the large screen resolutions of present-day monitors. In addition, ICQ has been significantly accelerated, which will be especially beneficial for power users. The app speed has increased by 8 times, which means that ICQ now launches instantly. The new ICQ also uses a lot less memory.

The new version’s users will focus on voice and video calls. Call quality is ensured by the updated VoIP engine offering optimized performance over slow Internet. The new ICQ for Windows also features chat history synchronization.

The new ICQ version is built using the cross-platform library Qt. The developers will release versions for OS X and Linux based on this update. In addition, the source code of the new ICQ is available on GitHub for third-party developers.

The version is now available on

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