Mail.Ru Group has released an alpha version of the Tarantool DBMS with SQL support. This update allows users to easily access, modify and describe data in line with the established standards. Companies that rely on other commercial solutions with SQL support can now migrate to Tarantool.

SQL support makes Tarantool compatible with numerous software products used both across Russia and internationally: analytics and reporting tools, CRM, enterprise information systems and so on. SQL is supported by all major enterprise DBMSs, such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, DB2, which enables companies that use these solutions to migrate to Tarantool while keeping the entire workflow.

Given Tarantool’s high performance, companies that migrate to this DBMS will be able to significantly speed up their mobile and web applications, real-time analytics and various enterprise information systems. Opting for Tarantool over almost any commercial DBMS will help companies cut licensing costs. Tarantool’s high performance also means lower server costs for enterprises. Moreover, companies that rely on cloud services will be able to decrease their spending on virtual machines without any performance drop.

“New Tarantool release with SQL support is an extremely important product milestone. Our SQL dialect is highly compatible with the newest SQL:2016 standard. That said, Tarantool is morphing from a niche NoSQL database into a versatile SQL DBMS. Tarantool already supports replication from the world’s two most popular DBMSs (Oracle and MySQL), so migrating to it is going to be really simple and cheap. Compatibility with key enterprise products is the most recent item on the list of Tarantool’s advantages, such as high speed, rich toolset and ease of use. Now companies literally have no reasons to stick to other DBMSs when it comes to dealing with high load or reducing the cost of ownership,” commented Dennis Anikin, Engineering Director of Email & Cloud Services at Mail.Ru Group.

The alpha version of Tarantool with SQL support is available for download free of charge on the official site.

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