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2019 annual report highlights

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On April 23 we published our FY19 annual report. 2019 has been a pivotal year for Mail.ru Group in our strategic goal of transitioning into an Internet ecosystem, to be formed on the basis of our strong and well-diversified product portfolio as well as complementary and well-funded partnerships. Last year was full of new product features, launches, landmark partnership transactions and growth initiatives.

Some of the 2019 highlights include:

  • We continued to grow our business, with revenues up 23% to RUB87.7bn and EBITDA rising by 8% to RUB29.4bn. 2019 marked a third year in a row of us outperforming the market in terms of digital advertising growth, our largest revenue stream (42% of total in 2019), which grew by 23% to RUB36.7bn
  • VK remained a strong leader among social platforms in Russia, with 71.6m MAU (+2.2% YoY), including 65.2m on mobile (+7.9% YoY) as of December 2019. VK grew revenues by >20% in 2019, including 27.3% growth in Q4, being is on track towards doubling revenues vs 2018 level in 2021-22 and becoming the leading local super-app. Time spent grew 12.5% in 2019 to 36 minutes per day, including 16% growth on mobile, with 12-24-year-olds spending on average 68 minutes per day on the platform in December 
  • OK audience was stable YoY in Russia in 2019, at 43m MAU, with rising engagement driving +2.8% growth in DAU, including +11% on mobile
  • Email finished the year with 100mn active accounts, being the largest e-mail platforms in Russia and within top-5 globally
  • Music exceeded 3mn in subscribers
  • MY.GAMES (Games segment) grew registered users by 26% (to 605mn) and revenues by 23% YoY, being among top-50 global gaming companies. In 2019, international revenues accounted for 68% of total MMO revenue. The share of mobile revenues stood at 61% in Q4 vs 57% in 2018
  • GeekBrains and Skillbox accounted for >40% of Russian digital professions online education market, having become the largest component of the New Initiatives reporting segment as of Q1 2020
  • Youla: nearly doubled its revenues to RUB2.1bn, being one of the largest mobile-focused classifieds globally in terms of Android DAU, less than five years since launch
  • B2B-technology business has surpassed RUB1bn in revenues, showing 140% YoY growth
  • Pulse recommendation system launched last January reached 45m MAU and 3.5m DAU in Q4, with 10 minutes in average daily time spent
  • DonationAlerts was being used by 85% of streamers in Russia
  • Dobro Mail.ru: Recurring charitable donations increased by 66% and we plan to publish our first stand-alone Sustainability Report in 2020
  • In 2019, we completed the two planned major transactions with the AliExpress Russia JV in ecommerce (Oct 9) and the O2O JV in food-tech and mobility (Dec 17). Our new partners include Alibaba and Sberbank, both of which have also become our shareholders in 2019
  • Within JVs, Delivery Club grew revenues by 131% YoY in 2019 (to RUB 4.46bn) and saw 3.35mn in monthly orders in December (+122%YoY). Delivery Club was present in more than 150 cities and is connected to over 13,700 restaurants by December, with 53% of orders coming from 1P in Q4 versus 23% as of Q4 2018
  • Citymobil reached GMV of RUB 3.6bn in December, having rolled out to 17 largest Russian cities in 2019 versus being present solely in Moscow and Yaroslavl as of Q4 2018. Monthly rides for Citymobil in December exceeded 13mn, with 30% growth MoM

Along with the annual report, we published an accompanying FY19 summary video, which we would like to share with you below. We believe that technologies are created and developed for the good of society. Our mission is to improve people’s lives by making technologies simple and accessible to as many users as possible all day, every day.

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