17 июня 2020IR блог

VK Connect, Mail.ru Group’s unified ID product, goes live


VK Connect, a single login platform based on VK technology, is accelerating its rollout in our ongoing effort to unite all Mail.ru Group’s products into an ecosystem, which is among our core 2020-22 strategic priorities.

VK Connect allows users to sign up and log into any of the Group’s services faster and easier than in the past. With just one tap, users will now be able to log in by selecting VK Connect as their authentication option. The new platform allows users to manage all of their data under one account, which is available under their VK profile settings. Moreover, using VK Connect is possible even without having a VK account. User’s single personal account will be accessible in other services that support login through VK Connect, making the platform a universal means of authentication for all our users. In the meantime, advanced security settings will provide a higher level of data security, while users will not have to remember multiple log-ins and passwords.

Multiple benefits from VK Connect rollout include:

  • Consistency of personal data: User information, such as name and city, is unified across all services. This means that if users relocate, they only have to enter their new address once for changes to be reflected across all connected apps, including those where accuracy of address information is essential such as ride-hailing or food delivery services
  • Convenience around payments: Users can see their payment history for all enabled services in one place as well as manage their connected payment methods, with the need to connect these only once to apply across all connected services
  • Simplified subscription management: Combo, VK Music or BOOM subscriptions will all be in one place, making it easy for users to manage subscriptions and monitor upcoming payments
  • Secure access: Users can see a list of all the apps and services they are authorized in through VK Connect and choose which ones they want to be connected to
  • Personal data protection: VK Connect increases data security across all services thanks to unified session history, 2-step verification and a reliable access restoration system in case users lose their password or phone number

VK Connect account page is already available on VK and has already been rolled out for Marusia virtual voice assistant as well as Delivery Club apps. It is in the process of being rolled out across Youla and will shortly become available for Citymobil and other Mail.ru Group’s projects. In the future, our unified ID will also allow to connect third-party services.

VK Connect will become one of the key components of VK SuperAppKit, a collection of tools which aim to unite Mail.ru Group services into a single ecosystem. Aside from VK Connect, it contains other fundamental projects, such as the VK Mini Apps platform, Combo loyalty program, Marusia voice technologies and the VK Pay payment system. The goal for all of the Group’s services is to be personalized, with smooth and easy navigation among them and increasing added value for the user. In the meantime, we will be transforming VK more and more into the heart of our ecosystem.

Andrey Rogozov, CEO, VK: “The first time we made it possible to use VK for logging into external websites was back in 2010. Now it is one of the main authentication methods for 35 million users on most Russian Internet resources. VK Connect takes our technology to a whole new level. We are expanding beyond the VK platform and uniting with other Mail.ru Group services to make the authentication process as convenient and secure as possible for the majority of Russian Internet users.”