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VK ecosystem development highlights


We announced our ecosystem development strategy back in 2020. To achieve the leading position on the market in the new Internet era, we are required to not only continue to launch high quality and convenient services for millions of our users, but also to maximize links between our products and services.

Significant progress has been made in this area since, including through the various cross-integrations of our products and services, along with unified branding and active development of the core ecosystem services such as VK ID, VK Combo, VK Pay, VK Mini Apps and Marusia virtual voice assistant.

Below are some of the ecosystem development highlights from Q3 2021:

Cross-integrations between units:

  • VK Jobs was integrated with Skillbox and Geekbrains, assisting students with job search following completion of the various educational programs
  • Desktop version of VK Mini Apps has been rolled out on OK in October, following mobile integration earlier this year
  • Voice kit on the basis of Marusia was launched on the VK Cloud Solutions platform to enable businesses to introduce voice control
  • OK launched a joint referral program with AER, with users able to receive discounts for inviting friends to the marketplace. As a reminder, social e-commerce already accounts for ~6% of total GMV for AER and will continue to expand
  • Automated transformation of user posts from regular VKontakte posts to listings was launched in August, along with a desktop version of VK Classifieds
  • Supported by the rollout of VK Classifieds, Youla MAU grew >15% YoY to 33mn as of September
  • VK Mail email service was rolled out in September, with almost 6mn accounts registered in the first 2 weeks and 65% of its MAU having not used Mail.ru e-mail service during the previous 30 days, which means that VK Mail is bringing new and reactivating old users for the Group
  • We launched VK Video - the largest video service in Russia with DAU of 40mn+ and 2bn+ views per day. The service combines the video resources of VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Pulse, and other VK products

 VK Combo:

  • Active subscriber base of VK Combo & Music exceeds 4.5mn, with 94% being paying users
  • Music is the most popular service within VK Combo, used by 85% of subscribers, followed by the O2O services such as Delivery Club, Citymobil and Samokat
  • The average number of services used within VK Combo rose by 35% YoY in October.
  • VK Combo driving the use of O2O services, up to 23% of VK Combo users are first-time users of O2O services
  • Combo users have ~40% more active days in our services per month versus non-subscribers 
  • Current cohorts show user ARPU increasing by ~30% after joining VK Combo, including >50% higher ARPU for O2O services


  • 7 new services were added to VK ID during Q3: Samokat, MY.GAMES Cloud, Store.MY.GAMES, with all the major internal services such as OK, Youla, Mail, Boom, MY.GAMES having already been integrated
  • 31 services in total are now using VK ID, including third-party services Detsky Mir, START, Catery, gto.ru added in Q3
  • Some services have fully switched to registrations using VK ID such as Youla, VK Jobs, VseApteki
  • We are seeing ~370,000 in daily first authentications using VK ID outside VKontakte and in mini-apps
  • We are already seeing positive contribution from VK ID integration, with conversion into registration for potential job seekers in VK Jobs rising across desktop and mobile by as much as 24%, with conversion into registration for employers up by as much as 26%
  • Average number of active services per VK ID user per month is up 22.5% YoY
  • Authorization without SMS-based confirmation requirement results in incremental cost savings for the Group

VK Pay:

  • Current functionality includes payments using VK Pay balance, installment based payments, card issuance, and cashback program, with payments using accumulated bonuses
  • There are >19mn active VK Pay users with 60mn in monthly transactions and ~20mn connected credit cards
  • ~600k VK cards have been issued since launch in April
  • VK Pay Checkout is being rolled out across multiple services, incl VK Jobs, Games Mail.ru, VKontakte, Youla, AliExpress Russia, GeekBrains, our cloud service etc
  • We are seeing positive contribution from integration with VK Pay with rising conversions, including a 23% increase in conversions to payments on Cloud Mail.ru after its integration with VK Pay

VK Mini Apps:

  • Mini App MAU grew by 26% YoY in September (>34mn), with DAU growing by 21% YoY to 4.1mn
  • The number of mini apps exceeded 36.8k in September, with 2.6k mini apps added in Q3
  • Vast majority of apps come from third parties
  • 642 mini apps have MAU of 1k+ in Q3, +10% YoY
  • Some of the most popular mini apps include VK Classifieds, AliExpress, VK Taxi or VK Food, All of them have MAU of >1mn, with MAU of >8mn for the current most used mini app
  • Monetization of the platform is progressing, with in-app ads revenue rising by 550% YoY in Q3, along with further newsfeed based mini apps promotion revenue growth


  • MAU increased by 26% QoQ in Q3 following Marusia’s integration into VKontakte and Mail.ru superapp, with DAU up by 29% QoQ
  • Spontaneous knowledge of Marusia increased by 200% YoY
  • Some of its new skills within integration with VKontakte include newsfeed reading, video and people search
  • Marusia can now be used to make taxi orders in VK Taxi (powered by Citymobil)  and order food from McDonalds (through Delivery Club)
  • Some of the most popular use cases include reading of emails, chatting, music, Q&A, weather, search, jokes
  • Small version of our smart speaker (Mini Capsula) was launched on sale, priced at RUB 5,490
  • Children’s watch with Marusia was launched on sale in August

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